Hartenberger Diving Torch Wreck Maxi

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Hartenberger Diving Torch Wreck Maxi

Hartenberger dive light tech wreck maxi 50 W/60 min. with charger off-shore 1/12 (5h), Switch module, mounting plate and spot 48.

The wreck maxi diving torch, has been specially designed and developed to meet the tough requirements of modern technical diving. The power pack and the lamp head are two separate modules connected with a cable. The units are particularly small and streamlined for easy handling and optimum rig configuration.

The electrical connection between lamp head and power pack is a specially welded, polyurethane cable, approx. 130cm (4 feet) in length.

After removing the front cover of the lamp head, the halogen bulb is immediately accessible and can easily be replaced within seconds.

If the cable which connects the power pack and lamp head is removed, the two modules can be connected directly together and become a power tube lamp. The housings can be opened without the need for special tools. The housings are sealed with reliable large dimension precision O Rings (dimensions: 37mm x 3.0mm)

The lamps have been pressure tested in pressure chambers to equivalent depths of over 500m (1650 feet)
To charge the cell pack, or replace it with a spare cell pack, the front cover is simply unscrewed from the power pack. The modular system allows the cells to be replaced with a spare pack within seconds. The lamps are powered by selected nickel metal hydride type A cells.

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