Hartenberger diving torch charger off-shore 1/12

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Hartenberger diving torch charger off-shore 1/12

Quick charger (5H) 14,4 V for all Hartenberger diving torches 12 V.

The LG off-shore I/12 is for all batteries (accumulators) with 10 and 12 cells (nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal-hydride).

The charge current is about 1 amp.

LG off-shore I / 6 and LG off-shore I/12

Standard with the flash 125 TTL digital, Set Wreck Maxi, Set Video Maxi, Mega Compact and Maxi Compact (optional for all diving torches).

The charging times for discharged batteries are:

1.8 Ah approximately 1.5 hours
4.5 Ah approximately 4.5 hours

Partially discharged batteries needs shorter charging times.

The weight of the charger is only about 200 grams.

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