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Dive Computer Smart

The new Mares Smart dive computer is the Perfect companion also outside of the underwater world. The new, trendy dive computer from Mares is not only underwater a smart high-performance-computer and dive computer, but scores with its sleek design as well as dive watch for the leisure area. The new dive computer from Mares, simply fascinating!

What happens when you add the unbeatable clarity of the image sharpness of a perfectly landscaped displays and the whole round with the ergonomic advantages of two keys? You get the new Smart dive computer from Mares, probably the smartest dive computer on the market.

Again and again have watches dive computers to fight the prejudice that the small size of the readability suffers. Against this prejudice the Smart is the perfect answer. By the razor-sharp, clear display and compact, ergonomic design of the Smart is the perfect companion in all situations.

The nitrox settings (from 21% to 99%) can be very easily changed or the log are retrieved to the surface. Set various gas mixtures by the possibility or 2 to activate the mode for freediving, the Smart dive computer also stands out with its versatility.

Underwater is a simple operation using the located on the right side two buttons, even with thick gloves, guaranteed. The different depth information in the first and decompression in the middle row can be read on the bottom line completely independent of the additional information. The upper of the two buttons provides information about the maximum depth, average depth, and the allowable maximum depth for the gas used. You can view the various settings, such as on the lower button Temperature, oxygen content, CNS, clock and stopwatch for the next field to make the dive time. The proven RGBM Mares-Wienke model is also the Smart dive computer back again - of course including deep stops.

The ease of operation, ergonomic design and lightweight, self-enforceable by the user changing the battery, depending on the diver after 2-3 years, make the Smart dive computer to a user-friendly high-performance dive computer.

To stay in the future is up to date, Mares offers the possibility of an optional interface to load the latest developments of the software independently on the Mares Dive Computer. The Smart comes with two-colored bracelet (black-white or black-gray) and a unique, sleek design, so it is also the perfect companion out of the water.

Specifications Mares Dive Computer Smart:

Maximum depth indicator   150 m (492 ft.)
User-Replaceable Batteries   yes
residue:   yes
warns:   yes
The ascent rate:   yes
storage capacity:   36 hrs.
Time interval:   5 sec.
alarm clock:   yes
stopwatch:   yes
temperature display:   Yes (between -10
display:   mineral glass
display diameter:   38 mm

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