Mares Diving Computer Console Mission Puck 3

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Mares Console Mission Puck 3

Puck dive computer in an ergonomic console. A new, easy-to-read instrument panel. Flexible mounting options for Karabiner several eyelets. A welcome addition to the good orientation. Console consisting of the Puck computer, gauge and compass suitable module. Optimally angled shock protective cover. Dive computer, ressure gauge and dive compass at the same time, easy reading.

Mission Puck 3 Dive Computer Console Tech Info

Nitrox: Yes

Bottom Time: Yes

Alkaline Batteries: Lithium Battery

Max Op.depth: 150m (492ft)

Ascent Rate: Digital

Fresh/Salt water: Yes

All Mares dive computers are equipped with standard batteries, which can be changed by the user. Because we use batteries in standard sizes, which are almost everywhere in the world readily available, you can change your batteries anytime, anywhere. With MARES dive computer you need to cancel any dive because of a dead battery, and keeps all your data.

RGBM The Mares-Wienke algorithm (Reduced Gradient Bubbles Model - for example: computer model for reduced Blasengradienten) takes into account the phenomenon of microbubbles to see that their education as far as possible suppressed. To better understand the mechanism of the formation of microbubbles during a dive, it was over 10,000 real dives, which were supervised by Dr. Bruce Wienke in the laboratories of Los Alamos, examines the micro-bubbles and evaluated.

The RGBM is the most advanced algorithm, which reduces the micro-bubble formation, without increasing the immersion time. He becomes the first deep freeze, i.e. Decompression stops at greater depths, which increases safety during the dive significantly.

Mares dive computers are known for having the strongest backlight. Depending on the model, the backlight is controlled by timer, or permanently.

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