Hartenberger diving torch charger off-shore II

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Hartenberger diving torch charger off-shore II

Quick charger 14,4 V for all Hartenberger diving torches 6 - 12 V. Included is a transport bag made from neoprene.

Hartenberger diving torch charger off-shore II

Standard with the flash 250/626 TTL digital (optional for all diving torches).

The LG off-shore II is one of the smallest, most powerful and most universal chargers on the market. It is similar to the charger off-shore I, but four times as powerful.

All Hartenberger batteries (accumulators) with 5 to 12 cells (nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal-hydride) will be detected by the device and recharged quickly.

The maximum charging current is about 1.8 A.

All the functional states of the charger are indicated by two LEDs.

The charging times for discharged batteries are:

2,0 Ah about 1,0 hours
4,5 Ah about 2,5 hours
5,0 Ah about 3,5 hours
8,0 Ah about 5,0 hours

Despite the enormous power the charger weighs only 200 grams and is hardly bigger than a cigarette pack.

The circuit boards of the electronic control of the off-shore II charger and all mechanical components from plastic housings are manufactured with highest precision on computerized machines (CNC) in Germany.

The technical performance and compact design make the charger off-shore II to one of the most powerful and smallest high-tech chargers in the world.

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