Mares Dive Mask X-Vision

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Dive Mask X Vision

There’s nothing like her – unmistakable
• Field of vision increased by an astounding 20%
• Vibrant new colors
• Compact easy-adjust buckle

For this dive mask are corrected glasses available. You can order this in the section  Dive Masks Accessories and Spare Parts.

A unique and revolutionary design, combined with innovative technical solutions, result in a scuba mask with comfort that goes unmatched, while increasing field of vision in all directions. The contemporary range of colors gives the new X-Vision scuba mask a modern and unmistakable look. Compact easyadjust buckle. Optical lenses available.

Tech Infos: Dive Mask X Vision

Type: two-lens

Colors: whkbk, bk7bk, lmkbk, ylwcl, blwcl

Weight: 190 g

Materials: liquid silicone - shock-resistant technopolymers - tempered glass

Internal Volume: 105 cm³

Buckles: quick-adjusting, on the skirt

Optical: from -1 to -7 (optional); from +1.5 to +3 (optional)

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