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Gumbies Flip Flop Shoes Inspired by Australia. Worn around the world. New!

GUMBIES are beach flip flops sandals of a different kind. They come with Australian lifestyle and are ready to conquer the world. And with fair means: Produced from natural and recycled materials, GUMBIES even fall under the title "vegan." They are a stylish gadget equally for outdoor enthusiasts on a discovery tour, surfers for a perfect wave and beach strollers.The current collection is in 26 different styles available.

Gumbies flip-flop flip-flops toe sandals toe slippers

The history of GUMBIES is not that of any designer who one day decided on a whim to design a new flip flop beach sandal. She is the one of Michel Maurer, who emigrates to Australia at the age of 16 and discovers his thirst for adventure and his desire for freedom. Driven by his passion for creativity and self-reliance, he decides to create something of his own. A brand and a product that fit in with your lifestyle: simple, useful and freedom-loving. The challenge to create the perfect toe separator flip flop is born.


True to the attitude of life of the inventor of the GUMBIES flip flops, it is not surprising that the shoes were developed with attention to detail and a lot of time. On journeys through different countries of the world Michel Maurer collects many experiences and impressions of the culture of footwear. Always in terms of sustainability, he puts together his very own shoe.

The basis of his idea is the striking sole, which consists of recycled rubber and jute and offers perfect grip on all surfaces. The only trace left by GUMBIES in nature is a sustainable footprint when walking through the sand. The strap and toe webbing upper is made of soft and very comfortable to wear and recycled cotton material.

The ergonomically shaped footbed is made of breathable canvas cotton, which makes the shoe particularly comfortable and durable. Without any animal ingredients, GUMBIES flip flops are even vegan.

The GUMBIES are plastic-free and leave no microplastics behind, as they are made from 100% biodegradable materials.
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