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Diver rear view mirror ideal for monitoring diving partners or diving groups. New!

After a few dives, you'll wonder how you've done it without one. Virtually all of the time, effortlessly, you keep an eye on your buddy or another pair of divers.

It significantly increases the safety of my trainees or less experienced colleagues. There is no need to keep looking for your dive buddies. Just a small movement of your wrist ... and since raising your hand is an extremely distinctive gesture, the couple / partner will,

that follows you, see this and possibly signal with your hand or flashlight that it is okay. The convex mirror design makes it possible to see quickly without annoying rotation,

what's going on behind you and by making small hand movements - also from the side, above and below you. This significantly increases the frequency of contact and thus the safety of the team underwater.

Underwater equipment inspection. When you raise your hand, check the position of the pipes, whether nothing is tangled or whether the gas leak just signaled by your partner is really harmless :-)

The search for a boat without exhaustion turns heads underwater. If you position your hand appropriately, you can see the surface of the water in front of you and continue swimming underwater,

until you see the outline of the boat hull. When swimming on your back, e.g. When you return to the raft on the surface, you can easily control the direction without increasing the distance unnecessarily,

by missing the target by 50 m. By jumping backwards into the water, you can make sure that it is safe and that no one has suddenly appeared behind you. The benefits of the mirror

are valued by divers who dive deeper. If there is a gas leak at great depths, the time it takes for the V-drill to be a matter of life. With the mirror this becomes trivial - any leak

from the bottles or the distributor can be found immediately. You just see where the gas is coming out and close the valve. They don't do the full V-drill. After numerous underwater tests

we have created a product that is valued by DAN, for example - the 360observe mirror.

The product is aimed at all lovers and fans of diving, regardless of how advanced they are. Experienced divers can, without losing control of a group,
enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. Less experienced divers, for whom controlling the equipment is still a challenge, will effortlessly learn to take responsibility
to take over for your diving companion.

The edge around the mirror protects it from scratches
The best quality ABS plastic will not damage your equipment.
The 360observe mirror we've been using underwater for a number of years:

improves the safety and comfort of diving,
facilitates communication,
allows constant and effortless control over a group.