Oxy Spy oxygen analyzer completely

Oxy Spy
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Oxy Spy oxygen analyzer completely

OxySpy ® is an ergonomically designed Oxygen Analyser, which was developed specifically for the "Technical Diving". Oxy Spy offers great comfort and high reliability in the gas analysis. The unique design Oxy Spy is the perfect personal Analyser for trained nitrox or trimix divers. Development and production of oxy Spy meet high quality standards. Therefore, a warranty period of two years may be granted for errors and defects (oxygen sensor and battery excluded).

The main features: from Oxy Spy

* Operating with only one button
* Suitable for left-and right-handed
* Measurement in both flow directions
* Splash
* Kalibriergaserkennung
* Calibration of a button
* "Freezing" the display values
* Adjustable oxygen Partialkdruck
* Depth unity in ft or meters selectable
* Display the MOD for the set oxygen partial pressure
* Automatically shutdown
* Low battery warning
* Warning for consumed O2 sensor
* Oxygen sensors are easily replaceable
* Replaceable lithium battery
* Min battery life. 3 years
* Sensor life approximately 2 years
* Resolution 0.1% O2
* Measuring range 0.1 ... 100.0% O2
* Ambient temperature 0 ... 50 ° C

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