Dive buoy with Alpha diver flag

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Dive buoy with Alpha diver flag New!

Inflatable surface buoy with alpha flag. Diameter 56cm, around the buoy running tether. Under the buoy, a weight can be mounted to keep the buoy stable.

In the center of the buoy you can stow away spare lead, a position light, for example during night dives and much more.

To secure the dive site in Switzerland, the following rules must be observed:

Dive flag
Law: entry and exit must be secured in each case with the flag "A" of the international flag regulation  (divers in the water): If the entry and exit are in different locations, then set up flags in both places.

Penalty: for not complying with the law may be subject to a fine. The fine can be up to CHF 200.-

So set up the dive flag and save money.
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