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Aqua Lung Diving Mask Reveal X1

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Diving Mask Reveal X1

The Reveal's innovative features make this dive mask our most comfortable and best fitting mask. Created after years of research and testing, the Reveal is a premium diving mask that delivers ultra-comfort and a perfect fit thanks to both a super soft, top quality crystal-clear silicone and an ergonomic skirt profile. The new buckles, attached directly to the silicone skirt, feature a single, quick-button release system and the mask is equipped with an innovative spherical silicone head band strap—all to help the diver create the perfect leak-free fit. The large operating button is easily activated, even with thick gloves. The Reveal is also available in twin lens (Reveal X2) versions.

Universal Advanced Silicone Skirt (UASS). After years of research and testing, an innovative wrap-around geometry has been designed for an excellent fit for a wide range of face shapes. A new grade of crystal-clear silicone is used to create a super soft and comfortable fitAdvanced Fit Technology (AFT) enhances the sealing features of the silicone skirt, improving fit, comfort and feel
The Spherical Silicone Head Band Strap is an innovative design for the silicone strap, in the shape of a sphere to perfectly and comfortably fit the diver’s head and keep the strap securely and comfortably in place
Quick Fit Buckles. The one-touch button release allows for easy adjustment for the best fit, even while wearing thick gloves. The buckles are attached directly to the silicone skirt in order to provide stability on the face
The single-lens version of the Reveal features an innovative construction system that makes it the lightest single lens mask (non-frameless) on the market

Purpose: This personal protective equipment (PPE) of category 1 was built to protect the eyes of the user from direct contact with water. This product meets the specifications and the necessary safety requirements of EC Directive 89/686 for the personal Schutzausrüstung.Die diving mask (mask) serves as a visual aid while snorkeling and diving.

Handling and Use: Before mounting the diving mask (goggles) are all components to their proper condition to examine them. Check the fit and seal of your mask by pressing it with one hand on your face and then create by inhaling through the nose a vacuum. The diving mask (goggles) must now stay with bated breath stick to your face. Head and facial hair below the sealing edge of the diving mask can) (mask affect the density.

Before creating the diving mask (mask) the viewing window is smeared evenly from the inside with an anti-fogging agent. Alternatively, this saliva will be used. The diving mask (mask), then rinse with fresh-or saltwater.

The creation of the diving mask made by placing the diving mask with one hand on your face, with the other hand, the mask strap horizontally pulled back over his head. The masking tape should hold your goggles with light pressure on the face. A tightly energized strip shaped mask your diving mask (goggles) and does not lead to a better seal and fit. Furthermore, it is necessary to determine whether compression of the nose for a bay window may
pressure may be necessary.
Warning: A defective diving mask can endanger the user. Familiarize yourself before use with the use of the diving mask, diving mask for the first time you use it in a safe environment, eg Swimming pool. Exercise is safe use in advance snorkeling.
Security Note: Also impact resistant glass screen can break or splinter and cause injury to the user when they are exposed to excessive force or impact. This mask of glass exceeds the
Requirements in the crash tests, according to American National Standard Z86.11-1985. Do not jump with his face down into the water to avoid excessive strain on the mask to the glass
Care / maintenance / storage: After each use of the diving mask in fresh water rinse and then dry.

Avoid all contact with solvents, detergents, alcohol or oil.
Renew damaged parts immediately with genuine spare parts.
Diving Mask (diving mask) is not directly exposed to sunlight and extreme temperatures and store in a dry state.
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