McNett Aquasure Aquaseal Urethane Repair Adhesive & Sealant 28 gr.

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McNett Aquasure Aquaseal Urethane Repair Adhesive & Sealant

The industry standard for maximum strength repairs to wet suits, dry suits and all water sports products. Flexible urethane formula waterproofs, seals and protects against abrasion. Hundreds of water sports and household uses. For fast cure, use with Cotol-240™ Cure Accelerator. Available in 3/4 oz Blister Pack, 3/4 oz. with Cotol-240 Blister Pack and 8 oz. 28 gr.

What is it? –

    When cured (dry) Aquaseal is a thick, clear, elastic urethane rubber.

How it works? –

    Aquaseal is applied to a hole or tear and allowed to cure over a period of hours (usually 8-12).

    When applied, Aquaseal cures by reacting with humidity in the air. It doesn’t ‘dry the way other glues do. It changes from a thick liquid to a thick, flexible, elastic rubber.

    Once cured, it’s permanent. The repair will generally last the life of the item.

    Most users become die hard fans. Many comment that their item (wetsuit, etc) has had so many fixes with Aquaseal that there’s “now more Aquaseal than neoprene.”

    Many users seal stitched seams, both to seal out water and to make the seam smooth to the touch.

    Many users comment at the durability of the repair describing wetsuits and other gear that they repaired many years ago and that’s still going strong.

    Users regularly comment that they’ve ‘tried everything and only Aquaseal works!”

    Tapes or patches may be used during curing to hold parts together or provide a backing, but once Aquaseal is cured the tapes or patches can be removed. The Aquaseal alone is strong enough to permanently fix

    Aquaseal is generally impervious to solvents such as Acetone, Toluene, paint thinner, etc.

    Store partially used tubes in a zip lock bag in the freezer (to reduce the tube’s exposure to humidity).

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