Loksak Lanyard Waterproof Bags Pouch

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Loksak Waterproof Bags Pouch New!

Waterproof bags, pouch to take away, smartphones, documents, money, checks, car keys etc. The bags, pouch are waterproof and can be used for diving or snorkeling.

LOKSAK Waterproof bag

Overall Dimensions: 10 cm x 19,6 cm

Delivery: 2 bags & 1x Lanyard

Water-resistant to 60 m

aLOKSAK became known as protective cover for cell- and smartphones. aLOKSAK protects documents, equipment, food and much more from environmental factors such as water, moisture, dust, sand and air. The unique advantage: devices such as phones or touch screens remain fully functional and operable. The bag is resealable and thanks to the patented 3-lip seal completely tight.

  • aLOKSAK protects Phones / Smartphones / GPS / tablets. Larger formats are available, for example for laptops
  • Touch screens remain fully functional and operable!
  • Make and receive phone calls and photographing is possible through the cover in high quality!
  • Ideal as protection for remote control key.
  • Popular with adventure races or desert trips for protection from sand.
  • Holds as Drybag clothes dry and prevents against odors. Ideal for water sports / sailing.
  • Also serves as a dirt bag.
  • Suitable for food transportation, food safe and is washable.
  • Ideal for air travels with liquids in hand luggage.
  •  Perfect for the storage and transportation of medicine.
  • Is also used for transport of money.

Material: High-tech PE film (thickness 6 mil = 0.1524 mm), free of BPA or other harmful chemicals Puncture resistance: Typical value:> 650 g (ASTM Method D-1709) Tensile strength: Typical value: MD: 6,250 PSI / TD: 5,900 psi (ASTM Method D-882) Temperature range: −40°C up to +60°C Water Resistance: up to 60 m (Scuba Schools International Certified) Approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) and NSA (National Security Agency, USA) for storage of foods and biohazard materials.