Aqualung Titan Neopren Undersuits Wetsuit Shorty 1 mm

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Neopren Undersuits Wetsuit Shorty 1 mm

New Aqualung Titanium1 mm neoprene shorty, with a titanium skin inside. Titanium skin : Due to the heat retention properties of the titanium, the body is kept warmer, enhanced by the fact that the inside material is a skin and is sticked to the body (no or very little water circulation).

For diving, surfing, snorkelling, water skiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, kite surfing, surfing, canoeing.

Here you can download a size chart for Wetsuits, semi dry suits, dry suits and shorty's as a pdf.

New cuttings, with straight lines, more appropriate to both men and women
Finishing of arms and legs: the edge is just cutted, no binding, no stitching, comfortable to be worn under a semi dry or a wet suit. can be used for diving in warm water or snorkeling.

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