Cressi Snorkel Alpha Ultra Dry

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Cressi Snorkel Alpha Ultra Dry

The Cressi Ultra Dry snorkel has a unique splash guard at the end which greatly reduces the entrance of water during use on the surface. The end part has a corrugated piece that is smooth on the inner side and keeps the snorkel away from the mouth during use when scuba diving.

As a result, water does not penetrate the snorkel either on the water surface or when diving (up to 3.5 m). The anatomically shaped mouthpiece, the blow-out valve at the lower end and the patented quick-release fastener guarantee high comfort. The drop-away construction makes the Alpha Ultra Dry the ideal snorkel for divers and snorkelers. The mouthpiece hangs down freely when diving and does not interfere, while snorkeling the Alpha Ultra Dry snorkel adapts ideally to the curve of the chin.

The new, patented quick release fastener makes it particularly easy and quick to attach the snorkel to the diving mask. The snorkel can be attached or removed with just one hand. In addition, the holder can be slid up or down and rotates 360 degrees to meet the various needs of the diver.

How the drying valve works: The drying top prevents splash water from penetrating the water surface. When submerged, the float rises and seals the air chamber. This keeps the snorkel completely dry and free of water.

Buying advice snorkel

Use: snorkeling, diving
For adults: yes
For children: no
Splash guard: Yes
Dry top: Yes
Exhaust valve: yes
Quick release buckle for mask strap: Yes
Silicone mouthpiece: yes

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