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Mares Snorkelset Bundle snorkel diving mask fins

Top snorkelset from Mares, perfect for snorkelers and for entry level freedivers. The set includes: diving mask blue or black, snorkel black and fins black/blue.

Mares, diving mask I3

• Exceptional field of vision
• wide bi-silicone masking tape

I3 means "Eye 3" and thus reveals a completely new approach to the lateral expansion of the visual field. Namely, I3 has a three-glass structure, wherein the large windscreen is connected to two side glasses at right angles. Objects located to the side of the head can be perceived via these side windows. Objects approaching from behind are registered much earlier - an unbelievably surprising effect that has not yet been seen with diving masks. In I3 is the concentrated Mares top technology: This diving mask is of course equipped with the latest silicone technology. Like a liquid skin, this diving mask adapts to almost any facial contour. A super-soft and highly elastic silicone ensures the seal on the face and the incredibly high wearing comfort. In addition to the better fit and the incomparably comfortable to wear pressure points are passé after the dive and the pressure equalization is very easy. In addition, the I3, thanks to its Tri-Comfort technology, offers a significant plus in terms of wearing comfort, as the frame is protected by liquid silicone inside the diving mask body and is additionally covered by supple lamellae. It creates in this way a "shock absorption" in the nose area, where it can often come with other dive masks to fit problems or unpleasant pressure points. For an improved fit, the two-part masking tape is given an X-shaped connection incorporating liquid silicone inserts. The individual adjustability is increased by new and slim buckles that can be easily operated via two buttons. In addition to the predicates "best fit", "highest comfort" and "largest field of vision", the I3 looks absolutely spacy!

product details
Volume: L
Optical lens: No


Mares snorkel Rebel splash

Semidry Top with Anti-Splash
Sliding snorkel holder
Corrugated silicone hose and mouthpiece with exhaust valve
Suitable for dives or extended snorkeling sessions
Unmatched breathing comfort due to the increased internal volume of the bottom housing


Product Details Mares full foot fin Avanti Tre


Code: 410302
Material: Thermoplastic rubber-Tecralene®
Fin blade length: 36cm / 14.2in (size 42/43)
Weight: 0.6kg / 1.3lb
Blade Thrust Area: 680cm² / 105.4in² (size 42/43)


Care instructions for fins

Storage Fins: As horizontal as possible, never place on the tip of the fin blade. Avoiding the sun - UV radiation is harmful to the fin plastic, and the sun usually produces heat which leads to deformations. But even with heat outside direct sun, e.g. in a hot trunk, fins do not feel well.

Care: Simply rinse the fins with fresh water after use (especially in salt or chlorine water) and let them dry horizontally in the shade.

Tips for the heel strap: heel straps can tear. It is therefore practical to always have replacement straps for the fins.
 The Avanti Tre Fin is lightweight, efficient and offers great value for money. The fin has a soft foot and a medium sized blade that fits into any dive bag. The stabilizers make the fin beat easier, which is especially noticeable during long dives.

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