IQ Company Kids wetsuit shorty Safari 3.0

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IQ Company Kids wetsuit shorty Safari 3.0

Perfect wetsuit protection against the cold, perfect UV protection 50+ against the sun for snorkelling, swimming and other water sports. The robust 3mm neoprene material ensures the child`s skin is protected from the sun's rays and hypothermia during long stays in the water. Material: 100% Neoprene. Color blue.

The Perfect UV Protection 50+ for the Beach and the Sea.

It is no longer possible to enjoy the sun without some pre-planning. Due to the decreasing ozone layer, more and more ultraviolet light reaches the earth's surface. This UV light is dangerous and can lead to skin diseases and in the worst cases, skin cancers.

The beach experts from iQ are dedicated to UV protection. iQ UV wear provides a high sun protection factor of 50+ with a stretch fit making them comfortable and easy to wear even in hot weather.

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