Scubapro Bungee Straps

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Scubapro Bungee Straps

Replace your old fin straps with bungee straps from Scubapro. The fin straps are designed for all fins, which have a quick-connect buckle. Furthermore this straps-system a quick realease off the fins. Available are the fin straps in four sizes (S, M, L, XL). To determine the size of the fin straps can be easily guided by the size of the fins.

Scubapro Spring Straps, Gr. S / M, M / L, L / XL
25,345,113 / 25,345,114 / 25,345,115

Scubapro Bungee Straps Seawing Nova, Gr. S, M, L, XL
25.712.205 / 25.712.305 / 25.712.405 / 25.712.505

Scubapro Spring Straps Jet Fin / Twin Jet, Gr. M, L, XL, XXL
25.365.305 / 25.365.405 / 25.365.505 / 25.365.605

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