Monofin Hydra 39-43

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Sweammer Monofin Hydra

Latest generation Polypropylene blade, flexible and resistant material, generating an elastic effect. The streamlined nature of the blade distributes the forces across its surface whilst enabling the water to easily run off. Polypropylene stiffeners with side reinforcement. Elastomere Soft open heel design.

Monofin for shoe sizes 39-43
Fin size approx: length 42 cm (without shoe part) width 54 cm.

    * Innovative look in the shape of a dolphins tail
    * Triple thickness blade reproducing the movement of the waves
    * Colours (Clear Flow, Metallic Silver, Aqua Blue...)
    * Soft foot pocket offering greater comfort
    * Straps with micro handles to facilitate easy adjustment
    * Bar-coded labels with name, reference, size.

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