Bühlmann Decompression Table

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Bühlmann Decompression Table

Bühlmann Decompression Table (Dive Table) for 0-700 m or for 701-2500 m. Waterproof, can be carried in the BCD as a backup or even ideal for dive training for dive calculations.
Decompression Tables should not be waived even when diving with dive computers. This is especially true when doing decompression dives, as electronic devices, such as dive computers can fail, (low battery, power failure of the battery by cold water intrusions due to mechanical damage, etc.). Dive computers and computer programs are ultimately only one form of a complex algorithm, encoded as dive tables.

It is therefore recommended in addition to the dive computer to carry a diving watch, a depth gauge and decompression tables, in case of malfunction of the dive computer, so that decompression stops can be correctly executed.
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