Scubapro Depht Gauge Digital 330

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Scubapro Depht Gauge Digital 330

An original ‘one-of-a-kind’ digital depth gauge. It integrates basic dive information into a highly accurate and accessible electronic instrument, imperative for all diving levels. The Digital 330m, recently launched in 2007, is the perfect evolution of the classic Digital Depth Gauge, which was introduced by UWATEC in 1989. Targeted for technical divers, but also ideal for beginners or as a back up instrument whatever your level, the Digital 330m offers precise accuracy in all diving conditions.

FUNCTIONS Digital 330m Depht Gauge

  • 330m Certified Depth Gauge  and depth accuracy 0.1% ±0.1 m
  • 999 hours 59 minutes maximum diplayed Dive Time
  • Ascent rate display in Meters Per Minute and fast ascent visual warning; variable ascent rate (7-20 m/min) for safer diving.
  • Average Depth display during dive alternates with temperature.
  • Temperature display resolution & accuracy in full one degree increment (±1 °C); -10 °C to +50 °C operating temperature range.
  • Log book gives access to most recent 19 dives
  • More efficient, consumes less power than previous Digital.  Long battery life for over one thousand 1-hour dives.
    Unlimited altitude range accounting for variations in atmospheric pressure
    Quartz clock time measurement
    Upgraded graphics on our ultra visible display

  • Includes precision digital depth gauge, dive time, and thermometer: displays actual  and maximum depth (up to 330Meters), dive time   and temperature (water and air).
  • Automatic turn-on and off : Wet-contact activated, it is automatically ready to dive after a self-test.
  • Surface interval displayed for 24 hours
  • Logbook for the last 19 dives
  • Automatic altitude compensation

Available in wrist, 3-gauge inline console, 2/1 console (3-gauge two-sided) and Navigation Slate configurations.

Hose type: Not applicable
Number of included instruments: 1
Pressure gauge: No
Depth gauge: Yes
Digital Log: Yes
Compass: No
Max displayed depth: 330 m
Max displayed pressure: Not applicable
Units: metric or imperial
Loop for safety lanyard: No
Case material: Technopolymer
Increments: 10 cm
Luminous dial: Yes

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