Apeks WTX 6 R Double Comfort Wing Cell Bladder BCD

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Apeks WTX6R Double Comfort Wing Cell Bladder BCD

The first of ifs kind. This clever, redundant buoyancy cell has both airways coming off the back top of the cell.

• This redundant system contains two inner cells in one outer bag. Either cell is capable of generating 60 lbs (27 litres) of lift when it is full.

• The WTX6R can mate directly to the WTX harness or the stainless steel back plate using twin tank bands or using center bolts.

• Highly efficient drains allow water to empty quickly after a dive.

• Outer bag constructed out of Armorshield™ Cordura® to resist abraision and fading.

• Inner bags constructed from mil-spec welded fabric.

• A safety cable inside the elliptical hoses prevents hyperextension of the corrugated hoses.

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