Cressi Regulator MC9-SC

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Cressi Regulator MC9-SC first stage

The 1st stage MC9 - SC is identical to model MC9, but with a special Seal Chamber which completely isolates the diaphragm and spring from contact with water.  Ideal for diving in waters that are rich in suspension and mineral salts, for archaeological work, for potholing and diving in cold waters.

MC9 SC diaphragm 1st stage - Technical Features

  • Working pressure (INT connection): 0-232 bar
  • Working pressure (DIN connection): 0-300 bar
  • Calibration pressure: 10 bar
  • Calibration adjustment range: +/- 0.5 bar
  • Air supply:  4500 l/min   (*)
  • High pressure seats (HP)    2
  • Low pressure seats (LP)    4
  • Weight with INT connection: 650 g
  • Wight with DIN connection: 510 g

(*)values measured at LP seat outlet with second stage connected and 150 bar pressure in the cylinders.

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