Cressi Dive Mask Snorkel Set Matrix Vip

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Cressi Dive Mask Snorkel Set Matrix Vip Gold

Snorkel with diving mask and snorkel matrix Gamma. Perfect for snorkeling holidays, beach holidays, respectively. The perfect gift.

The Matrix Dive Mask Features: The patented Cressi Sub principle of the inclined discs, widens the field of vision by about 30 %. Downward tinkering around on the diving equipment can be reproduced without visual disabilities. The stable, filigree frame is for the Matrix users almost invisible. The dead space is negligible. Comfortable, anatomical mask body. Hyper Allergenic silicon. The new headband is adjusted easily and accurately.

The diving mask matrix benefited from the revolutionary innovations of the model Big Eyes, and is presenting new standards.

The (patented) principle of the inclined glass in the form of an "inverted drop of water" has been developed further.

The lenses were closer to the eye as much as possible, so that the field of view could be enlarged up to a maximum.
The newly-formed frame is extremely narrow, and when attached diving mask visible.

At its top inserts are incorporated into rubber material, which is characterized by a firm grip and gives the frame an attractive design.
The mask body made of soft silicone has a new shape and is equipped with a wide lip, the best sealing and excellent wearer comfort.

The internal volume of this dive mask is extremely low and is below that of many apnea masks. In addition, it is very easy.

In the framework of two pressure seals are integrated, which regulates the mask strap can be quickly and accurately.
 This presents a new design for better comfort and is very broad
formed. A diving mask, the best for snorkeling, free diving equipment and is suitable.

Technical characteristics Cressi Matrix dive mask

Model: Two glas mask
Finishes: transparent silicone, black silicone
Materials: liquid, tech polymers, elastomers
Mask Strap: with pressure closure and Fast adjustments
Interior volume: greatly reduced
Dimensions: 163 x 91 mm
Weight: 175 g
Optical lenses: not available

Gamma Snorkel

Specially molded splash protection: reducing the ingress of spray water, without restricting the air supply.

Adjustable clip: clip for quick attachment to the mask strap, which can be set on the snorkel tube along bewegtund therefore individually.

New Ausblassystem: excess water is collected at the lower end of the tube so that the air is no longer restricted.

Internal elliptical valve: thanks to this enhanced blow-off valve can be emptied of snorkeling quickly and easily.

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