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We have brand new Greenprene from Henderson. Neoprene-free diving suits, ideal for divers with neoprene allergies. In addition, we have sales of various diving bags, diving masks and buoyancy compensator jackets and many other items. Come and benefit now while stocks last. Also carry out revisions of regulators, buoyancy compensator jackets and battery changes in good time at the come by or send us the material.

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Nome: Nuno Jorge
Apelido: Da Nazaré Baptista


Nome: Vivian
Apelido: Lawrenz "Pfitzner"

Envie informações relevantes para:
+41 41 420 66 06

Obrigado por sua ajuda, sua equipe

Sealife Digital Underwater Camera Reefmaster 4K SL350

Now available from stock!

The underwater camera Sealife Digital underwater camera Reefmaster. Discover the incomparable ease of use of the pocket-sized ReefMaster RM-4K with a 14-megapixel CMOS image sensor from Panasonic® and 4K video with ultra-high-definition.

With vouchers you are always well advised. In addition, we have a Maggia diving tour and sales of various diving masks and diving knives as well as other items. Come and benefit now while stocks last. We also have revisions of regulators, buoyancy compensators and battery changes in good time for you and we have the tip of the month for you :-).
Order vouchers now Order vouchers for loved ones, for friends or as a service gift.

Order diving articles and accessories for the diving holidays now

Summer is here and therefore the most beautiful time of the year, summer holidays are just around the corner. This wonderful season attracts with diving, snorkeling and swimming and we offer you diving here in Switzerland with diving courses, refresher, diving in the lake and much more! Book here now
We also have products for all water sports

Order now from or visit us at

We are available non-stop with service and support during the summer months.

Buy underwater cameras now

Brand new! Order the Sealife Micro 3.0 now!

We have a top range of Sealife underwater cameras to capture your underwater and overwater images. Take a look at our inexpensive range and order your underwater camera here: Underwater cameras.

Reopening of May 12, 2020

Finally the time has come and we will be back for you on Tuesday 12.5.20 from 14:00! Come along, but not all at once :-)).
Now is a good time to check your own diving equipment and have a service carried out at We continually accept the controller, jacket and dive computer for the revisions.

Revisions regulators, buoyancy compensators, diving computers
We carry out regulators (regulators) revisions of all well-known brands, bring us your regulators (regulators), buoyancy compensators, dive computers, so that we can revise your diving equipment or carry out the service. We also carry out service on all your diving equipment. tip of the month:
Rubber hoses can become brittle over time. Take a close look at your inflator and high pressure hoses and replace them in good time to avoid bursting the hose in good time.

Corona Situation und and comply with the requirements of the Federal Council in order to master the corona virus situation as quickly as possible.

Online orders will continue to be processed and delivered by post. Repairs, revisions, battery changes etc. can be sent to us by post:, Zürichstrasse 66, 6004 Luzern and will return to you in the same way after they have been dealt with.

We can be reached by phone 041 420 66 06 and e-mail

We wish you and your relatives good health, serenity and a positive attitude!

The entire and crew


Register as a member of


You now have the opportunity to register as a member of and benefit from additional discounts and special offers. If you register as a member you have the following discounts: CHF 0.- to CHF 600.- 2% discount, CHF 601.- to CHF 1000.- 5% discount, CHF 1001.- to CHF 2000.- 7% discount.

You can also benefit from special promotions. Register now as a member at in the registration link at the top right.

Dear divers

It's going fast, just under 2 months and it's Christmas, time for holidays and family and friends give gifts. With vouchers you are always well advised. Furthermore, we have sales of various diving masks and diving knives and other items. Come and profit now while stocks last. Also revisions of regulators, buoyancy compensators and battery change now timely perform with us for you.

Order coupons now for Christmas

Order coupons for Christmas for your loved ones, for friends or as a service gift.

Order diving supplies and dive accessories for the Christmas holidays

Sale while stocks last

Now benefit from the low prices, for diving masks, dive computers, diving knives and much more.

Shopping on time at for the next diving holiday or Christmas. Tip of the month

Dive computer Battery test and have dive equipment checked.

If you test your dive computer battery at least 2-3 weeks before the holidays, you will have enough time to have the battery replaced, should it be out of order. The rest of the diving or snorkeling equipment should be checked in time to exclude problems during the holidays. Care and diving accessories can be found here all the information on the regulator review, checking buoyancy compensators and dive computer battery change.

We wish you a nice autumn, great dives and a good time. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail: or Tel: 041 420 66 06.

We are here for you - before, during and after your purchase.

Thank you for your attention.

Many greetings

Your and crew euro price reduction

Due to the euro situation in Switzerland we have adjusted all prices down. Take advantage of the low prices and purchase now at new in version 6.0 online

We have worked many hours and finally we can introduce in version 6.0. has been updated, optimized and upgraded technologically. Here are a few new features:

- New features include: optimized for mobile phones and tablets.
- Optimized product detail pages with large images.
- Picture slide show optimized.
- Improved selection of payment methods and much more.

Now have a look at

In addition we have integrated new products and updated existing ones.
Order now in time for the summer holidays.

Dive Simulator V 1.1

This new version is now available from iTunes store at the following link:
Version 1.1, Multigas allows you to define up to three nitrox mixes each with its own maximum partial pressure. You can switch the defined gases while drawing the profile.”
With DiveSimulator you can plan your dives directly on your iPad.
See more at the following link:

We wish you and your families a Happy Year and good luck for the future, health and great dives.

Your Crew

Icon HD dive computer net ready Firmware V 3.07

Icon HD net ready Firmware V 3.07 now available on our download section:

With respect to 3.06, the following changes / improvements have been implemented:

- Improved management of autozero for increased accuracy of depth measurement.
- Fixed small bug in display of tank pressure in multigas summary page (multigas dives only).
- Fixed bug that caused reset and consequent time/date shift when charging Icon HD Net Ready from wall charger.
- Improved management of autozero in altitude dives.
- Improved compass display indicators.
- Logbook now shows sequential counter on both screens.
- Dive planner now accounts for water type.
- Fixed bug in dive planner whereby not all depths shallower than MOD were shown.
-Overall battery consumption reduction.

Dive harder - D6i All Black with black steel bracelet

When the going gets tough, you can rely on the number-one choice for thousands of divers the world over. Already featuring scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, the great-value Suunto D6i All Black dive computer is now available with a robust, stylish black steel bracelet. It also offers advanced functionality like a revolutionary tilt-compensated 3D compass, wireless air integration, and four dive modes in a seriously sleek black design. So wherever your adventures take you, Suunto D6i All Black will be helping you conquer new territory for many years to come. Info

The diving fairs are over and the diving industrie has again come up with a line of new products.

Aqualung provides their customers with new BCD jackets, regulators and new colours for diving masks, snorkels and fins (Lavender and White Arctic). Moreover some serious revisions took place in their selection of diving suits.

The house of Scubapro has also been doing rework on both diving suits and tek-equipment lately. Diving computers, BCD`s and innovations are to be expected in this year.

New diving computers, dry suits, BC’s and regulators will also be new in the programm concerning novelties from Mares.

Last but not least Cressi developed new regulators and diving suits, reworked BCD-jackets and let their customers expect a lot of new stuff in the field of apnoe.

All new articles mentioned and more will be integrated at Take a look and order now at

Scubapro reduces the prices of the dive computers Galileo Luna and Sol

Scubapro reduces immediately the prices of the dive computers Galielo Luna and Galileo Sol. Profit and buy now!

Discover the new Legend

The new line of Legend regulators crafts the future with innovative technology and sleek cosmetic appeal. The new Legends are smaller and lighter making for a more comfortable dive. Whether you are jet setting to an exotic location or diving your local spot, the Legend will give you the confidence to dive like a pro and look like a rock star. brand new in version 4.0 online.

Dear customers of
Dear divers and divers

Once again we wish to inform you about the most important innovations. It's done and we can present in version 4.0. has been updated and brought up to date technologically.

Take a look and order online today at We wish all our customers a lot of fun shopping at

If you have further questions we are very happy to help.

Best Regards

Cristina Antonini

Reto Loretz

and the Department of

Suunto all black, all action - new black editions

The new Suunto D6i All Black, Vyper Air Black, and Cobra3 Black editions pack all the advanced features you expect from Suunto in a clean black look. When you're serious about diving, what could look more professional?

Suunto Dive Computer the D series updated.

The Suunto dive computer been revised and included new features. Check it out at dive computer section what`s new.

Aqua Lung wetsuits available in XXXL

Diving in XXXL: Due to high demand, now Aqua Lung offers all wetsuits in the size 60 (XXXL). So divers who needs bigger sizes find it now more easy in the standard sizes and do not need to go to expensive tailors.

Mares Divecomputer ICON HD: take off with new firmware!

High-definition makes it possible, reprogrammable chip technology makes it easy: starting today, you can get more information and new features embedded in an optimized display lay-out with notably bigger numbers, absolutely free by downloading and installing the new firmware version 2.0 on your ICON HD Divecomputer.

Download Area:


On the subject “doing”:
Not only does Mares have a full page for the X-Stream fin for being the winner of the Red Dot Award, but also the entire front cover!!!
The book presents the result of a jury session during which more than 4,000 products were viewed, tested and evaluated.
The task of the red dot award is to filter all products that have the best design and are the most innovative … which means these products will potentially shape the market and stay for years to come…

Galileo Sol dive computer trimix upgrade
The trimix upgrade for the Galileo SOL dive computer is available for free in spring! More info here at

Scubapro introduces the new X-TEK-line - regulators, dive computers, wing jackets, diving suits and diving accessories specifically for the Tekis - a complete tech line for beginners and professionals. The new X-Tek line will be available around early March. More info here soon at

From Seemannsub to Subgear
Meanwhile, SEEMANN is well established throughout Europe and Russia since 2008 and is preparing a worldwide marketing. Since the name SEEMANN in the English speaking world can be very difficult to pronounce and could lead to misleading interpretations, the manufacturer has committed to the worldwide marketing to create a new brand name - the result is SUBGEAR. The familiar blue triangle with the built-in wave is maintained and will also be found in the new logo.

Aqualung new products
Aqualung presents several new products, among other things, BCD and regulator and various dive accessories have been announced. will continuously integrate the products.

Citizen Aqualand brings new EcoDrive diving watch
Citizen Watch comes with a new Eco Drive Aqualand on the market and thereby expand the existing range of diving watches.

Scubapro price reductions has reduced several prices from different Scubapro diving products such as dive computers, wetsuits and other diving accessories. Take benefit from these reductions.

Kowalski comes with two new models on to the market
Kowalski launches two new LED underwater lights on to the market. Take a look under the rubric News what Kowalski brings on to the market.

Scubapro scuba tanks action!
At there is an Scubapro scuba tanks 12 lt action now for the top prize. Buy now and take advantage of this top offer. Valid while stocks last.

New HD Icon by Mares dive computers
Newest product from the Mares dive computer kitchen, the HD Icon. Full-color display with almost 180 degree viewing angles horizontally / vertically. Mares is breaking new paths in the user guide. Bargraph displays for dive depth, decostops and deepstops, setup, dive site maps, photo database, battery charging function, PC interface.

New on the market, Sea & Sea DX-2G underwater camera
The company Sea & Sea has introduced the DX-2G, a compact camera in an underwater housing. The DX-2G dissolves pictures in 12.1 megapixels and has a large CCD sensor (1/1,7 inches). The camera has a 3 x optical zoom and begins with an extreme wide-angle focal lengths from 24 millimeters (compact camera equivalent). The telephoto of the camera ends at a focal length of 72 millimeters. Also remarkable is the monitor of the camera, it measures 2.7 inch diagonally and is well dissolved in 460,000 pixels. The DX-2G can also add photos in RAW format and even in series. Then five pictures can be taken quickly in succession. The camera creates three images in RAW format in a second.

Scubapro and UWATEC manuals only on CD
So that future generations may enjoy the beauty of marine life, the environment is close to our heart. We help not only numerous underwater photographer and videographer but also several environmental and underwater projects.

To save paper we will change all major operating instructions on CD. Scubapro has already begun with the dive computer Galileo LUNA - the manual is only available on CD.

Apeks XTX 50 with fifth intermediate-pressure port on the head part of the first stage
Apeks offers an upgrade kit to upgrade the first stage of the Apeks regulator XTX50: an additional valve is fitted and the DST has a fifth stage of the XTX50 medium pressure connection.

Particularly suitable for technical divers: Due to the location on the upper part of the head tubes can be kept simple and flexible.

With the upgrade, the DST is the first stage of the regulator Apeks regulator thus equipped with five medium-pressure ports and two high pressure ports and therefore offers more opportunities to use variable, MD-tubes.

Typical for Apeks: also the previous regulator model TX50 can be upgraded with kit.

Scubapro Uwatec updated products updated the Scubapro and Uwatec dive equipment and diving items and integrated new products. Take a look and place your order.

The first trimix computer from Suunto HelO2
Now it does exist: the first Suunto trimix dive computer for technical diving. Mixed gas and gauge modes from the HelO2 allows dives in greater depths - more than ever before! With the various settings of HelO2 each dive can be customized. Preorder now at dive computer, or news.

New products from Aqualung and Suunto come on to the market

In the next days several new products from Aqualung and Suunto are coming on to the market. Announced are masks, fins, BCD and regulator. Suunto also comes with new hardware (dive computer) on to the market. has re-integrate PayPal 
At you can pay immediately with PayPal. PayPal is a worldwide payment system and enables fast and secure payments for your purchases on the internet. Open a new free account at and benefit from the simple method of payment by Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

New regulator Mares Carbon 42
The World Innovation 2009: Mares Regulator of Carbon 42nd Advanced technology, unparalleled reliability and extremely low weight, characterized this regulator from the top class. Mares offers you all of this with carbon 42, the first regulator of carbon fibers.

The second stage is therefore 65% lighter than the same 2nd regulators levels of metal, and more than 30% lighter than one of technopolymer. But that is not everything, Mares also uses a new superflex medium pressure hose. It is softer and 30% lighter than rubber versions and has undergone rigorous testing at all Mares. Together with the new hose and attractive design will make your dives pleasantly comfortable.

More information about this product can be found under the rubric news and regulator.

New diving computer Suunto Vyper Air
The new Suunto Vyper Air dive computer provides under water a quick access to your dive data. The new dive computer provides an optional air integration and a technically improved diving compass with a higher angle to the top and bottom. Take a look at the new dive computer under the rubric dive computer.

New version of dive computer Suunto Cobra3
With the new dive computer Suunto Cobra 3 will give you all important dive data supplied during the dive. The Suunto Cobra 3 is a dive computer with air integration over the HP hose and all the functions you would expect from a modern dive computer. Other features are the new Suunto Dive 3D electronic compass, an easy-to-read matrix display and a simple menu with 4 buttons. Take a look at the new dive computer under the rubric dive computer.

Suunto Dive Manager 4.0 now available
The new version (4.0) from the Suunto Dive Manager software is now available. The update allows you to use the software with the new dive computers, Suunto Vyper Cobra3 and Air.

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