Dive System Wings BCD Modular 27 lt

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Dive System Wings BCD Jacket Modular 27 lt

Wing Jacket Modular BCD with Inoxplate, two weight pockets, shoulder pads, one size, crossed back straps, dive mask, bag, accessory bag and single Wings 27 liters in red or black.
    *  Plate: AISI 316 stainless steel, 3 kg weight, suitable for all Dive System wing
    * Back plate: AISI 316 stainless steel, 1 kg weight, with band for single tank
    * Shoulder strap without quick fasten system, adjustable even when the jacket is alreay on
    * Crotch and chest strap with quick fasten system, adjustable even when the jacket is already on
    * 18 D-rings in AISI 316 stainless steel
    * Inner bladder: Polyurethane Soltane F/B 400 micron, “Wings” type, 20, 25, 22/35, 40 o 40 + 40 litres
    * Outer bag wings’ type: Cordura®1000 Deniers (Mod) or Kevlar® (Mod-K), with surgical tubing retraction system and flap in Cordura ®1000 to protect the inner bladder, with “no grip” treatment under the zipper, with hiding slider
    * Single inflator hose with pipe and inner metal wire (double inflators in 40+40 lt wing)
    * 3 overpressure valves and 3 exhaust valves, (6 on 40 + 40)
    * 1 utilities pocket
    * 1 pocket with upside down opening,
    * Soft shoulder strap
    * Soft backplate cover with lift bag pocket
    * One size fits all
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