Scubapro Jacket BCD X-Force

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 Scubapro Jacket BCD X-Force

X-FORCE is more than a powerhouse of features, making it perfect for passionate and advance recreational divers. New, pre-formed wrap-around bladder provides higher buoyancy with increased volume in lower back. Say goodbye to squeezing with its superior fit and weight distribution, for unbelievable comfort.

Here you can download a size chart for BCD`s, Jackets and Wings as a pdf.


  • X-FORCE is more than a powerhouse of features, making it perfect for passionate and advance recreational divers. New, pre-formed wrap-around bladder provides higher buoyancy with increased volume in lower back. Say goodbye to squeezing with its superior fit and weight distribution, for unbelievable comfort.

  • New quick-release weight buckle retaining system allows one-hand operation and easy to find for optimal safety.

  • Additional back pockets offer trim counterweight storage.

  • New backpack and soft neck protection with Air-Net padding for increased comfort and protection.

  • Shoulder pads and straps covered in anti-slip material.

  • New graphics include embossed SCUBAPRO logo and ‘Professional Diver’ silver logo, along with reflective piping on sides and back.

  • Constructed of high-resistance Cordura 500 exterior and Nylon 420 interior, guaranteeing durability.

  • Cordura® Lock protects against the elements.

  • Octopus holder on both sides, keeps gear neat and accessible.

  • Available with Balanced Power Inflator (BPI) or optional AIR2.

Front-adjustable jackets

  • Front-adjustable jackets allow multiple variations of fit, regardless of the thickness of suit worn.
  • Quick release adjustable shoulder buckles make this style BC very easy to put on and take off.


 Buoyancy control & safety

Enabling the diver to react quickly to changing conditions and providing sufficient lift capacity are the necessary elements of a safe jacket.

  • Thanks to the new AirFlex Technology System and its high capacity bladder, T-Black provides the highest buoyancy lift of any of our T-line BCs. With its bungee enclosures, AirFlex offers extra stability and allows for quick deflation.  All jackets need a minimum internal volume to allow sufficient air to be injected inside to reach neutral buoyancy and, when needed, to create lift for the ascent and flotation on the surface. European Union norms require a minimum lift capacity in relation to the size of the tank used, measured in kilograms. The right lift is a comfort and a safety issue because a jacket also needs to be streamlined to reduce drag in order to save energy when swimming. 
  • T-Black Lift capacity by size : XS:14kg,  S:18kg,  M:22kg,  L:23.5kg,  XL: 27kg.
  • U.S. patented quick-release integrated weight system offers more comfort and convenience. Pouches accommodate up to 5kgb each, which is usually sufficient weight for a recreational diver using a wetsuit. They are secured in specially-designed pockets with oversized buckles that prevent weight pouches from falling out during the dive.  Weight integrated pockets help to avoid sore hips and backache, usually caused by weight belts and are easy to handle even with thick gloves.
  • Two expandable rear trim pockets counterbalance front weights and provide a well-balanced swimming position.  Rear trim pockets are located on both sides of the tank and hold 1,5kg of non-releasable weights each. Together with the front weight they optimize diver‘s trim and adjust to various equipment requirements and diving conditions.
  • 3-dump deflation system enables divers to dump air from a variety of underwater positions.  Because divers are not always in an upright position when they need to vent air, SCUBAPRO jackets feature several dump valves at different positions: on the right shoulder, equipped with an easy to  find lanyard handle; on the left shoulder, integrated in the corrugated hose; in the rear, at waist level, for a diver in head down position.
  • Steel super-cinch tank band for easy adjustment and a secure grip on the tank.  No other system offers the strength; security and reliability of SCUBAPRO’s proprietary stainless steel cam action buckle system.  Engineered to allow both an easy adjustment and a secure grip on the tank.
  • Available with Balanced Power Inflator (BPI) or optional AIR2.  The compact SCUBAPRO BPI inflates and deflates  at the touch of a button, featuring special soft touch, ergonomically shaped buttons for a good grip and easy one hand operation with gloves. A BPI is included on every SCUBAPRO jacket. The single-hosed AIR2 is an integrated balanced power  inflator and an alternate air source. Great for travel, it eliminates the need for an additional hose.


A robust jacket is highly resistant to punctures and abrasion, and carries heavy load tanks without compromising longevity and comfort. SCUBAPRO achieves this by using the best materials, reinforcements and seam constructions.

  • Robust aircell made of heavy duty Cordura 1000; lightweight Nylon 420 interior.
  • Cordura Color-Lock creates essential protection against repeated sun and water exposure.
  • Pockets and harness are made out of Cordura 500 and Polyester 1200 material with carbon reinforcement.
  • High quality seam construction. SCUBAPRO was the first  manufacturer to use a high tech method of welding to achieve a  flawless seal on all jackets made from polyurethane backed nylon. The use of high power radio waves allows polyurethane material to bond without heat, resulting in a very strong and long-lasting seam.
  • Heavy duty shoulder strap buckles.


Comfort & convenience

A comfortable jacket shifts the heavy tank load evenly to the divers’ hip area, away from chest and shoulders and offers soft interior padding. It conforms securely to the diver’s body to minimize drag and provide a nonrestrictive fit around the shoulders and waist.

  • T-comfort backpack, broad enough for all diver sizes, includes thick design padding offering maximum comfort.
  • Hydro-dynamic cut and hi-grip foam padding for cummerbund and shoulder interior ensure perfect fit and comfort. 
  • Flexible and expandable pockets for accessory storage do not compromise the streamlined shape.
  • Additional external compartment on the right pocket for carrying a safety buoy.
  • Seven stainless steel D-rings, 5 large and 2 small, for all your accessories.
  • T-Black is available in five sizes: XS to XL. 
  • For maximum tank capacities see the 'Compare' option for  specific SCUBAPRO BCs.


Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Type of flotation: Front Adjustable
Quick release (y/n): Yes
Integrated Weight System (y/n): Yes
Materials: Cordura 500 deniers, polyester 420 deniers
Primary (integrated) & Trim weight capacity: 10kg, (5+5), 1Kg (2+2)
Lift capacity : XS - 12kg ; S - 15kg ; M - 18kg ; L - 18kg ; XL - 21kg ; XXL - 23kg

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