Aqualung Snorkel Aquilon

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Aqualung Snorkel Aquilon

Traditional anatomic silicone mouthpiece and D shaped barrel ideal also for free diving.
• Bi-material splashguard with side dry chamber
• Fix clip with bigger section
• D shaped barrel
• 100 % silicone Comfobite mouthpiece
Not suitable for children!

Purpose: A snorkel is used for breathing at the surface.
Handling and Use: Attach the snorkel keeper snorkel friends (depending on model adjusted)) (the volume of the mask diving mask diving goggles. Then put on the diving mask (goggles). Before use, you should take the mouthpiece in your mouth and adjust the seat according to the snorkel. Water inside best removed by vigorous exhalation from the snorkel tube. On some models, this is the outflow of water through a blow-off valve below the mouthpiece. Gently inhale so that no water penetrates into the respiratory tract.
Warning: The extension of the snorkel is dangerous!
Adult Snorkel should never be used by children and persons with a body height below 150 cm!
Safety Note: Before each use, the status of snorkel keeper, security marking (or in some models the orange splash guard) at the end of snorkeling, and the mouthpiece (or in addition
The blow-off valve on some models) and the general condition.

Do not use the snorkel, if you notice any defects or for other reasons, this seems not to be perfect.

If the Safety Color strip or orange splash guard are missing or broken, you should not use the snorkel.
Care and Storage: Rinse after each use of the snorkel with fresh water. The snorkel dry and cool place. Protect the snorkel before contaminated or oily water, solvents, detergents, alcohol. Keep the product away from all heat sources and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.
Only original spare parts, these can be found in trade.

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