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Mares Dive Computer Nemo Wide

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Dive Computer Nemo Wide

Nemo Wide was designed to be easy-to-read, intuitive to use, safe, and reliable. A large size display was one of the primary requirements behind its creation. In order to optimize readability in every circumstance, special attention was paid to the size and brightness of digits, to the backlight intensity and to maximizing the viewing angle.

The best interface between man and sea

• Wide display with superior readability
• Ergonomic design and intuitive interface
• Upgradeable software
With Nemo Wide Upgrade 3.0 (3 gas algorithm) is avaialble to download from our web site (download/computer)and allows you to use up to three different Nitrox mixes during the dive (including air):

• Bottom mix (21-50%)
• Travel mix (21-99%)
• Deco mix (21-99%)

You must define the mixes in the dive computer prior to beginning the dive. You’ll be able to set the oxygen concentration and maximum oxygen partial pressure (ppO2max) for each mix individually, for maximum flexibility to suit your dive style.
During the dive Nemo Wide will suggest when you ought to switch to a different gas, and all you have to do is push one button to confirm. Nemo Wide will immediately recalculate your decompression based on the new information.
And … if you already own a Nemo Wide you can simply upgrade your dive computer by downloading the new firmware from our web site, then installing it via Mares Drak and you’ll immediately have this function available.

The other function available with the new firmware is Stopwatch in bottom time mode. The upgrade adds a stopwatch function when Nemo Wide is in Bottom Time mode.

Do you wish to be a cut above the rest? Once more with MARES it is possible … Enjoy pure perfection …

Tech Info: Mares Diving Computer Nemo Wide

Nitrox: Yes

Bottom Time: 3 Dive Modes: Air, Nitrox, Bottom time

Alkaline Batteries: User replaceable batteries

Max Op.depth: 150m(492ft)

Logbook: Memory Capacity 38hr

Profiles: Profile sampling rates 20s

Mineral Glass: Mineral Glass

Alarms: Audible Alarms

Ascent Rate: Digital

Altitude programs: yes

Pridential programs: yes

Fresh/Salt water: yes

Residual Nitrogen Clear: yes

Disabile “Uncontrolled ascent”: yes

Special characteristics: 3 gas algorithm

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