Aqua Lung Lycra Rashguards Loose Fit Lady

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Aqualung Lycra Rashguards Loose Fit Lady New!

Ideal for all water sports including scuba diving, surfing, kite skiing, jet skiing, canoeing, snorkeling and rowing.

• Lycra ® means 80% nylon, 20% spandex (elastane)
• UPF (SPF) 50 + under Australian / New Zealand Standard AS / NZ 4399

Color: black/twilight

Aqualung Lycra Rashguards Loose Fit Lady

• Pay attention to the UPF value. (Ultra-Violet Protection Factor). This is similar to the one we are familiar sun protection factor (SPF). UPF means 50, only 1/50 meets the radiation on the skin.

• Pay attention to the size, as much stretched material offers less protection factor

* (= Engl Rash. Allergy/sunburn)

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