Scubapro Dive Computer Meridian

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Scubapro Dive Computer Meridian

The all new Scubapro Meridian dive computer - a great dive computer for liberty underwater and a great-feature dive computer watch for timeless style on the surface and great multifunctions underwater. Meridian dive computer is the style of a luxury wrist watch with the features of advanced dive computer. The Meridian dive computer provides performance.


Details: Scubapro Dive Computer Meridian

Scuba Mode
•Predictive Multi-Gas lets you carry 2 mixes (21% -100% O2 compatible) and calculates your decompression schedule.
•Complete Dive Planner calculates not only no-deco time but also total ascent rate,
settings, workload, previous dives etc. and includes both gases if applicable.
•Optional Heart Rate Monitor senses effort, incorporates it into the workload calculation and then adapts the decompression algorithm, for safer diving.
•Enhanced algorithm with Micro Bubble Levels and PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) optimizes your dive in complete security.
•Adjustable ‘Reverse Display’ Backlight makes a major difference in low visibility waters. And you choose the light duration, increasing battery life.

For free divers, Scubapro Meridian dive computer is feature-rich, displaying current depth, dive time, ascent and descent speed, heart rate (if activated) and sequential number of dives. The manual start allows accurate timing and data and the faster sampling rates (every 0.25 seconds) ensure precise maximum depth. APNEA specific alarms and warnings (dual depth, incremental depth, dive time interval, surface interval, low heart rate and ascent speed) plus adjustable water density and an APNEA specific log book make Scubapro Dive Computer Meridian a customized APNEA computer.

Gauge mode 
Provides essential information without decompression calculations for a high performing gauge which registers the dive profile for later analysis. Depth gauge operates to 120 m and also monitors time & temperature. The one-press stop watch plus a continuously updated average depth display, which can be reset by the diver at any time, are Scubapro Dive Computer Meridian additions that make a difference. All audible and visual warnings/alarms, other than the low battery alarm, are turned off.

AFTER the dive: No matter what kind of diving you do, you can download your profiles,
visualize bookmark comments and change warnings/alarms/settings via SCUBAPRO LogTrak software. Compatible between Meridian and a Windows based PC or Mac OS via the optional USB communication cradle.

The Scubapro Dive Computer Meridian is a contemporary watch that can be appreciated by both divers and watch lovers alike. Specific features include:

•Displays date and time
•Stop-Watch functions both underwater and on the surface
•Built in thermometer
•Altitude meter is convenient for additional mountain activities.
•UTC setting for easy time-zone adjustment for travel.
•Alarm Clock even in silent mode
•Battery status display option for energy check

Technical information
Operating altitude: with decompression – sea level to approximately 4000m/13300ft
without decompression (GAUGE mode) – at any altitude
Max operating depth: 120m/394ft; resolution is 0.1m until 99.9m and 1m at depth deeper than 100m. Resolution in ft is always 1ft. Accuracy is within 2% ±0.2m/1ft.

Decompression calculation range:
0.8m to 120m / 3ft to 394ft
Clock: quartz clock, time, date, dive time display up to 999 minutes
Oxygen concentration:
adjustable between 21% and 100%
Operating temperature:
-10 ºC to +50 ºC / 14F to 122F

Power supply:
CR2032 litium battery
Life of the battery: 2 years or 300 dives, which ever comes first. Actual battery life depends on the number of dives per year, the length of each dive, the water temperature and the usage of backlight.

The depth accuracy should be verified every two years, by an authorized SCUBAPRO
dealer. Aside from that, Meridian is virtually maintenance free. Meridian is manufactured
from highest grades of stainless steel. Salt water and substances dissolved in it may
cause corrosion, surface rust or build an organic film which may disturb the functions of
the Meridian. Therefore, it is necessary to rinse it carefully with fresh water after each dive and change the battery when needed. To avoid possible problems with your Meridian, the following recommendations will help assure years of trouble free service:

• avoid dropping or jarring your Meridian
• do not expose Meridian to intense, direct sunlight
• do not store Meridian in a sealed container, always ensure free ventilation
• If there are problems with the water contact, use soapy water to clean Meridian and dry
it thoroughly. Do not use silicone grease on the water contacts!
• Do not clean Meridian with liquids containing solvents.
• Check the battery capacity before each dive.
• If the battery warning appears, replace the battery.
• If any error message appears on the display, take Meridian back to an authorized
SCUBAPRO dealer.

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