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Mares Fins Wave

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Mares Fins Wave

Another new entry in open heel fins, the Wave uses three material construction to apply specific properties where needed. The upper part of the foot pocket is especially molded in soft rubber to guarantee the maximum comfort. The fin blade has big soft rubber insert perfect to get the ideal Superchannel water flow. The remainder has the rigidity and strength needed for superior propulsion. Unmistakably Mares.

Enjoy pure ease

• Tri-material construction
• Huge superchannel for unparalleled thrust
• ABS Plus buckles
Mares Fins Wave Tech Info:

Sizes: S-R-XL

Colors: YL, BL, RD, BGR, BK

Materials: Thermoplastic rubber / technopolymers

Blade Dimensions: SIZE R: LENGTH 42cm; THRUST AREA: 800cm2


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