Muck Stick Divers Pointer Pointer Stick
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Muck Stick Divers Pointer Pointer Stick

The pointer for divers and diving - not only for dive guides to see things from different underwater and above water. The advantage to a pointer (Muck Stick) is clear: do not knock it needs to be bathed too close to the object and it protects the underwater world to see small objects, as a signal - to the scuba tank to draw attention to themselves.

The Riffstab (Muck pointer stick) made of stainless steel has long been an indispensable tool for divers and divers. The ground around Riffstab allows the injury-observation of micro-organisms in the reef ecosystem. Professional underwater photographers prefer while the 30 inch version, since it is easily stored in the BCD without hindering the dive.

The pointer is also indispensable during diving in local waters, for example, to bring out things that are hidden in the sediment. The pointing stick is made of stainless steel and salt water resistant to rust. Each is hand-fitted Divestick (Swiss made) and with an adjustable hand strap.


Material: Pointer Pointer Stick Muck

Pointer: chrome steel

Hand strap with rubber protection

Inox Ring

Care: The pointer should be rinsed with fresh water after use in salt water.

Length: 30 cm

Weight: 72 gr

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