Scubapro Diving Mask PRO EAR 2000

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Scubapro Diving Mask PRO EAR 2000

Specially designed dive mask for dry ears.
A must for divers with ear problems. As before, the only system that keeps the diver's ears dry and from pollution, permanently flushed ears and protects the painful ear infections. The majority of enthusiastic divers, young or old, beginner or veteran dive, have experienced at first hand how painful and frustrating may be ear problems. Cancelled and unsuccessful dives diving holidays are often the direct result.

The PRO 2000 EAR diving mask to prevent these problems, but also helps prevent "divers ears" and other potential permanent injury. In addition, the underwater hearing and sense of direction are improved. The PRO EAR diving mask consists of a high-quality silicone mask with two lateral Silikonhalbschalen with double lip seal. The pressure is applied by two associated with the mask body folds hoses. Also suitable for optical glasses! A special hood for the PRO EAR diving mask is optionally available.

Kauftipp Diving Masks: The two most important criteria are fit and comfort. Check the location of the diving mask, diving mask by placing the tape without a mask on your face. Now, when you breathe lightly through your nose, you must keep the mask. Bridge of the nose should not touch your nose, the lip must lie outside of your corner of the eye.

Care Tip Diving Masks: The right care, ensuring many years a reliable and attractive NBC equipment. Remove silicone streaks in your new diving mask with SEA GOLD, and prevent fogging by SEADROPS. Rinse your NBC equipment with fresh water after each dive, avoid direct sunlight. Store items not directly next to silicon rubber, otherwise comes to stains. Protect protect your diving mask during transport with a Maskenbox and your equipment cool and dry.

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