Suunto Dive Computer Cobra3 black

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Suunto Dive Computer Cobra3 black

The Suunto Cobra3 is engineered for avid divers and features Suunto’s all new electronic 3D compass and an easy-to-read matrix display with simplified four-button operation. The Cobra3’s new electronic 3D compass offers divers the unique ability to tilt the compass up to 45 degrees in any direction without impairing the ability to read figures clearly and accurately.

With two-gas switching Nitrox, Air, and Gauge modes, this air-integrated computer delivers everything you need to maximize bottom time and make the most of every dive.
Going beyond the numbers, the Suunto Cobra3 graphs your dive profile with an informative matrix display and its built-in dive simulator allows you to test potential dives without getting your fins wet.

•    Electronic 3D compass (user-adjustable time out)
•    Matrix display
•    2 gas switching
•    Optional Deep Stops
•    Dive profile displayed graphically on the screen

•    3 operating modes (Air, Nitrox, Gauge)
•    Complete decompression stop data
•    Suunto Deep Stop RGBM
•     42 h logbook and profile memory*
•     Lifetime history memory
•     Profile memory bookmark
•     Cylinder pressure and remaining air time data
•     300 bar (5000 psi) compatible
•     USB compatible PC-interface (optional)
•     Multi step ascent rate indicator
•     Personal adjustment
•     Altitude adjustment 0-3000 m (0-10000 ft)
•     Automatic safety stop countdown
•     Extended decompression range (ceiling, floor)
•     Built-in dive simulator
•     Calendar clock
•     Alarm clock
•     Electroluminescent illumination (backlight)
•     User-replaceable battery
•     Depth display range 0-150 m (0-450 ft)
•     Audible alarms
•     Max. depth alarm
•     Optional quick release high-pressure connection
•     Display shield
•     User-selectable metric or imperial units

 * Default factory setting. Can go up to 240 hours.

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