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McNett Ankle weights à 0.75 kg

Ankle Weights for a better position at  dry or wet diving. Extra rugged design. Price per pair. Color black.

A diving equipment (wetsuit, fins, BCD, scuba tank, regulator) can weigh between 20 and 35 kilos. The main part of the weight is in the middle of the body - while more than half of the buoyancy takes place below the waist. To reduce the leg - and fin buoyancy and to protect the back, enter Durward Ankle Weights ™.

Proper weight distribution is the key to comfortable diving. Divers get back pain and they can move bad, because most weight is in the middle of the body. Wearing ankle weights will help counteract the fin buoyancy and reduces back pain, because the weight is better distributed.

The buoyancy test: In all the diving equipment, no air in the diving suit or BCD take a deep breath and hold their breath and let yourself drift vertically and motionless. You should drive at eye level. They are neutral balanced, if you sink slowly exhaling. Additional weight is needed to compensate for the change in buoyancy of the empty scuba tank.

McNett Ankle weights à 0.75 kg

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