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Cressi semi dry suit Alaska

Cressi semi dry suit lady. This semi-dry suit is made entirely in extremely elastic 7 mm  neoprene (Int/ex Nylon X-Thermic©). Ideally semi dry suit for cold waters.

Here you can download a size chart for Wetsuits, semi dry suits, dry suits and shorty's as a pdf.

    * The watertight plastic T-Zip (DRY BACK TIZIP® MASTERSEAL)fastener is positioned at the back, from shoulder to shoulder, making the suit easy to put on and take off and ensuring a high level of comfort when fastened. 
    * The collar is made from single-lined neoprene glide-skin, which is folded back on itself once the suit is on, thus ensuring perfect sealing and extreme comfort.
    * The hood is separate and has smooth neoprene seals around the face and on the neck.
    * The suit offers a tailored and anatomical fit and its pre-shaped arms and legs aid the natural position of the limbs.
    * The knee and shin area and the shoulders have large anti-wear inserts.
    * This suit is available in two versions, Man and Lady.


Cressi semi dry suit Alaska Lady 7 mm

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