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Suunto Dive Computer HelO2

Suunto HelO2 is the first dive computer from Suunto with full mixed gas capability. It is rated to 120 m/393 ft and incorporates the new Suunto Technical RGBM algorithm. Based on the RGBM algorithm developed by Dr. Bruce Wienke, widely recognized decompression scientist, the Suunto Technical RGMB algorithm extends decompression flexibility into the world of technical diving.

Suunto Dive Computer  HelO2

The algorithm introduces helium tissue groups in the decompression model to enable trimix diving, as well as diving on air and nitrox. It allows eight gases to be programmed as primary or secondary gases, and enables oxygen content of 8-100%, and helium content of 0-92%. For the technical diver, the great benefit of the algorithm is that it provides more flexibility and reduces task load when decompressing by removing the need to constantly monitor a slate and watch.


•    8 gas switching
•    Suunto technical RGBM algorithm (including helium tissues)
•    Deep stops
•    Matrix display
•    Dive profile displayed graphically on the screen
•    Seamless collaboration with dive planner
•    Expanded personal adjustment


•    2 operating modes (Mixed gas, Gauge)
•    Complete decompression data
•    Suunto tech. Deep stop RGBM
•    42h logbook and profile memory
•    Lifetime history memory
•    Profile memory bookmark
•    Wireless tank pressure
•    300 bar compatible
•    PC-interface
•    Multi step ascent rate indicator
•    Altitude adjustment 0-3000m (0-10000ft)
•    Automatic safety stop countdown
•    Extended decompression range (ceiling, floor)
•    Calendar clock
•    Electroluminescent illumination (back light)
•    User-replaceable battery
•    Depth display range 0-150m (0-450ft)
•    Audible alarms
•    Max. depth alarm
•    Display shield
•    User-selectable metric or imperial unit

Technical Dive Planner 
Tech Dive PlannerThe Suunto technical dive planner is an easy-to-use graphical planner for planning dive profiles, gases, and back-up plans. The intuitive interface enables the diver to try different variations of  depth, time, gases and partial pressures without having to continously recalculate. Suunto technical dive planner calculates all changes instantly and presents the results on on easy-to-read graph. When ready, the diver can simply export the planned gases and other dive-critical information from PC to dive computer with the included USB cable – removing the need to copy all the calculations onto a slate. Divers are also provided with gas mixing instructions for their planned dive, which they can print out and give to a dive shop if not mixing themselves.

The Suunto technical dive planner enables divers to plan dive series based on real dive profiles – not planned dive profiles – making the plans for later dives in the series more accurate and realistic. The planner also allows divers to compare the planned dive and the and actual dive, helping them pinpoint future areas of improvement in both planning and diving.

Suunto Dive Computer HelO2

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